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Newbie in big trouble! Judgment ,any help?


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I got a default judgement on 2/28/05 for ignorant or for not known about laws I never pay attention to this.This past week I received a letter from the collection agency telling me that they are in the process of seize my car.

I called this morning to make a payment plan or to have any kind of work this out,and they refused to,the "atorney" was very rude toward me.I asked him for a debt collector license number and he told me that they don't have one and they don't need it.We are from Massachusetts.

Is this true?

And what other thing can I do to avoid the seize of my car?

Any help?please I'm desperate...


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You are in deep; they already have the judgement and it is 7 months in effect none the less. Does the seizure satisfy the judgement?

Are they seizing the vehicle or placing a lien? Contact a attorney ASAP time is of the essence.

Please everyone never ignore a summons they are banking (literally) you won't show up!

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The 7 month lapse since judgment hurts your alternatives.

Truthfully, I doubt he wants your $2000 car. They exploit your weakness and work from there. They want you to agree to an installment plan that you will be paying on until your 90 or try to garnish your payroll. Empty your bank account and use a tin can until you can get a bearing on what is going on.

Anyway, look for another window of escape. In some states they can only grab $1000 of a vehicle. Is this your only transportation? Children? Handicapped? Look into the Mass. St. laws and see what if any windows of opportunity you can exploit there. Also, see what your state laws my offer by way of....

In some courts, a plaintiff who lost case may file a motion to reconsider, in which the original clerk magistrate would reconsider the judgment, as the name suggests, or uphold and explain the original judgment.

Also..Some courts allow a plaintiff to file a motion for a new trial.

I wish I could be of more help.


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