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CA response to DV should I send FOAD?


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I DV'd a CA for an account on DH's report back in June. (Not timely) Got a lame response back, so I sent them a 2nd DV. Then got a letter signed from the President of the CA stating that they required further time to get the required documents that they would be back in touch within 30 days. In 30 days they sent another letter, stating they needed another 30 days.

This weekend we got a letter from him with photocopies of 4 billing statements from a Capital One bill that apparently was charged off in July 2004 and the DOLP was Dec 2003. They admitted the account is out of SOL but said that they are allowed to and would continue to report until Jan 2011. Capital one is no longer reporting for some reason. xangelx We want to buy a house in the next 12-18 mos, so I'd like to have this off his report.

Has anyone had any luck getting a PFD settlement from Global Acceptance? We really don't have the extra cash around to PIF and the the amount they want is double what the CO was originally for.

Should I just send them a FOAD letter and let it sit until 2011 and try to get the house in my name only? or try to negotiate a PFD?


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