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Mann Bracken, W&A are now merged??


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I found in the "User Comments" section on bud hibbs site for Mann Bracken, however, this doesn't appear to be a user comment but appears before all the comments. Looks like Bud Hibbs wrote this. Interesting...

Taken from BudHibbs.com:


We were told at the beginning of the month that Wolpoff & Abramson, Eskanos & Adler, and Mann Bracken were each bought out by Axiant. Each of the law firms will continue appear in court under their firm names, and all of the attorneys will still be employees of the firms, but all of their collections accounts are now merged. All non-legal personnel (everyone except attorneys) now work for Axiant. I do not know what states Wolpoff and Eskanos have actual attorneys in, but Mann Bracken is set up in Georgia, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and Texas. The Mann Bracken attorneys will take Wolpoff and Eskanos accounts in those states and sue. The same goes for the other entities - they'll take Mann Bracken accounts in their "live" states and sue.

No word on who the CEO for Axiant is.

Also, Mann Bracken is reaping the benefits of arbitration in Tennessee. When they sue on an account that has an arbitration award, they simply submit the arb award to the court for confirmation. The debtor cannot even challenge it. There is no possible defense. Debtors have 60 days to appeal an arbitration award with the forum. After that, they're screwed.

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So I wonder if that's why I haven't heard from these jokers in a while. From reading what other people say, after they DV Mann Bracken, they get a letter in 30-45 days saying they are investigating and of course try to send out the arb papers via cert mail or fedex. But I haven't got a single thing from them since I DV'ed them.

Ironically enough, I have probably only gotten a certified letter one other time I can think of in my adult life and since I've DV'ed MB, Iv'e gotten 4 certified letters!!! None were from MB and all were unrelated fortunately to MB but how ironic.


Also saw from that link it looks like Mann Bracken and the other firms are forming a joint venture with a NY Hedge Fund, Accretive. They said it required a very complex legal structure in order to comply with the law and regulations.

Anyone have any ideas what this implies or means? Are they looking to just buy more debt? Become a bigger powerhouse? Really straight hitting it hard?

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum, but thought might be good to know for anyone dealing w/ W&A, MB, although it may not matter or make any difference.

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