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need CA contact info


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Im looking for Colorado Capital Investments, the address I have is one in texas. Its the one listed on the CR.

The letter I sent to them came back to me with no known address on it.

Im looking for any info possible, address, email, phone, anything.

I googled them but only one thing comes up with the address I already have.

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Did you dispute with the CRA? They could not have possibly verified if it is a bad address. :D Looks like a win-win situation. Dispute with the CRA and they will have to delete.

It is a violation if CA or CRA do not provide you with this information which you need in order to exercise your right to dispute.

But try disputing first! Good luck!

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actually they did verify experian, not equifax. Its DH's judgment it was deleted off of equifax. Im in the middle of trying to get a mortgage and this is the only thing in our way. I was told I had to either get a letter from the court saying that its not his or contact them directly and get a letter saying its not his. Im lost

I think that is them in that post, thank you.

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Map of the two different addresses. Looks like one address is right down the road from the other address.


Also found this address from it probably hasn't been updated since 1998.

Principal Name: Colorado Capital Investments Inc # 1

Address: 305 NE Loop 820 Suite 404

Hurst, TX 76053-

File Number: 980191

Status: Active

Date Filed: 9/16/1998

Cancellation Date:


Bonding Company: Western Surety Company

Bond No: 68768396

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Thank you everyone who helped.

The CA has nothing to do with the reporting of public records.


Thats what I tried to tell the mortgage lady, she didint want to hear it. It seem that I know more about this stuff than she does, that scares me. I think im ready to just tell her nevermind. Its weird cuz I got approved for a house this passed March, I didnt take the loan because the intrest was like 11.67 or some crazy thing like that. Our credit was alot worse then. Then I found this wonderful forum. This judgment was there and they didnt see a problem with it. But these people wont let it slide, even though its already been deleted off of one report and Im still waiting for the other investigation to finish.

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