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Mann Bracken TOUGH !---HELP


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I sent them a DV, they responded back with the original signed contract and other legitimate papwork from Chase.

My quesiton is : Are they licensed to collect in the State of Pennsylvania?

If not, can they still sue me over this if they arent licensed to collect in PA?

I know they will go the NAF route and I will not have a snowballs chance in hell,

Can anyone guide me at this point?



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horns - yeah I'm part of the Mann Bracken club as well. Checking out their website, Pennsylvania is not one of the states they list to practice law in. So it appears that they wouldn't be able to sue you themselves in PA, unless their own website is incorrect or incomplete. I believe their dunning letter says that if they aren't licensed to practice law in your state, they'll forward your case to a local atty. That would be my guess is what they would do if it comes down to it.

Check out buddhibbs.com regarding Mann Bracken. He has some tips on dealing with them. From the looks of it, they'll attempt to serve you the NAF papers either via Fedex or Certified Mail. There is another thread regarding an NAF win. I think it boiled down to them serving her beyond the SOL.

From what I read on this site, the Mann Bracken's MO is once you DV them, they'll send something back, then they'll attempt to serve you the NAF papers, get a NAF judgement, then sue you in court to get a legal judgement against you.

Can I ask you how long it took Mann Bracken to respond to your DV? I ask b/c I DV'ed them a few months ago and haven't heard a peep from them, not a phone call, letter, validation, nothing. The OC on mine is also Chase.

On a side note, I had started a separate thread yesterday on Mann Bracken - Bud Hibbs site says that Mann Bracken is merging w/ W&A and some other CA. I semi-confirmed this on an independent site. Another site said that MB was teaming up with a NYC hedge fund and created a new legal entity known as Axiant.

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it some states it doesnt matter.. for example in NC if you are a lawyer it makes no difference if you have a collection license in the state.. only collectors are required to have one.. not the lawyers... another thing about serving outside of SOL NAF papers.. read my posts on NAF... I have one called WON AT NAF... just look it up under search

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I'm not contridicting your statement, but I would like your opinion of my take on this...

Yes, it is correct that State and Federal laws do define who can be considered a collection agent or agency. On that same note, I have read in a few cases that if an attorney regularly acts as a collection agent or agency then the full extent of the law that applies to agents or agencies applies to them as well.

I have seen the Mann Bracken name enough to know they regulary act in the interest of debt buyers. I am not sure if they stay 3rd party or if they do indeed purchase their own portfolios.

Knowing this - could the law define Mann Bracken as a collection agency?

Thank you and I hope I haven't totally changed the topic of this posting.


EDIT: For grammer and spelling

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