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So, I DV'd them with CMRRR last week about the the collection I have on my CR, and guess what they sent me?

A settlment offer about, not my request, but about a collection account from Mervyns...a very old, out of SOL, and that was deleted from my CR long time ago...in 2005.

So, here is what the letter says, briefly:

".....Act now-go to www.paymybills.com and pay online, using your credit card or checking account. You User ID is: xxxxx. Your user pasword is: xxxx. You may also give us a call at the number listed below and we can take a credit card or check payment over the phone."

So, basically, they want to trick me into making a partial payment and reset the clock for an old account, over 7 years and that's been deleted from my CR and they havent even contacted me about this in years.

What should I do? Shoud I just ignore it, and remind them that my DV' letter is specifically about another account? I am sure they know this. Please comment me back on this, and thank you.

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