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Need Your Help with Portfolio/Arrow


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DH has an old First Premier that was charged off sometime in 2001. It originally went to Arrow and I disputed and after a long time it fell off. Portfolio called the house once and wanted to know if I was going to pay. I told her the account was SOL and asked for her fax number and mailing address. I sent DV and never received a call. I checked credit report and it showed up so I sent follow-up letter telling them they had violated by not responding to DV yet reporting. I disputed with all three on 8/31 and still waiting for results.

Today I get copy of EQ report in the mail, Portfolio is on there. This is how it reads:

Account Number: Arrow-XXXXXX

High Credit: $882

Months Reviewed:1

Items as of date reported: 8/07

Balance: $893

Amount Past Due: $893

Actual Payment Amount: $46 (WTF!)

DOLA: 1/02

Date of Maj. Del 1st Rptd: 7/07

It says collection account, factoring company account.

Should I wait for the results of all three? or should I send them a letter? Obviously they have reaged, continue to report without responding to DV. Im not really good at putting letters together with list of violations so any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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they're about to get the same treatment I gave A$$et Acceptance, for similar violations: reporting to CRA's after they got my first DV, reporting that I made a bogus $155 payment (like THAT'S going to happen), sending me information about someone else's debt (surely a mistake, but ammunition for me!), yada yada yada.

Here is the thread with the letter I sent:


Don't just copy and paste, but adapt it for your own situation. It made ASSet go away!

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