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Federal Court Question (Motion for extension of time)


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I have a lawsuit currently in federal court. Today in the mail I recieved a 'motion for extension of time to file answer'. It was filed electronically apperently via pacer and sent regular mail.

Regarding this I have a couple of questions.

1. I thought I had read in the federal rules that all motions had to present certification of service with the motion to even file. Is this true (obviously this wasn't)

2. What motion(s) can I file to contest their motion?

3. In relation to #1 can I file a motion electronically and regular mail? Where would I find the email addys? Or could I send it to the same one they did? (I do have PACER access).

4. Finally, what normally happens? Will there be hearing I have to go to for the motion, or will be handled without having to go court?

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If you are pro se, you file hard copy. Only bar members can file electronically.

So, would I have to file the motion with with a certification of service or could I file it and then send it regular mail. For the motion would I even have to go the court to file it or could I mail to them?

Its not so much as I am burdened, but just annoyed. They are only requesting more time because they are getting a local attorney to handle the case. They were served more than a month ago and they're just getting around now to giving it the local attorney. To me, they had ample time to decide what they wanted to do and they put themselves into the posistion they are in.

Yes, I'm pro-se.

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