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Just got my TU report back...still incorrect!


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I just got my TU report back in regards to my disputes. A few were deleted, a few were put down as previously verified (I disputed online a few months ago before I found the site), and one is still on there that is incorrectly reporting.

Fairlane credit got a judgement in 2001. I paid and settled the account in writing with the attorney that was working the case for them. I still have all the applicable paperwork stating the debt is paid and satisfied. The judgement dropped off the credit report but they reported the account with the following and stated this is "NEW" information:

Balance: $14,240 Pay stauts: Charged off as bad debt

Date verified: 09/2007 Account type: Individual Account

High Balance: $12,475 Responsibility: Individual Account

Past Due: $14,240 Date Open: 05/2001

Terms: Monthly $330 Date Closed: 10/2002

Loan Type: Automobile

Remarks: Profit and Loss writeoff

Estimated that this item will be removed: 03/2009

Whats my next step? Obviously I would rather have it completely removed rather than saying I settled the debt. With them recently reporting this erroneous information, is that leverage to get it removed?

The debt was settled about the middle of last month and the check has been cashed.

Thanks for the great help again. Ill keep it at it!

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And I also forgot to mention that Fairlane has reported discrepencies to the other 2 CR's.

EX says the past due amount is $0 but the balance is $10275 and EQ says the balance is $14240.

TU and Experian report the high balance as $12475 and EQ reports it as $12962.

TU and EQ has reported this info as of 09/07 but Im still waiting for the dispute to go through with EX. Their last reporting date was 05/07.

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Dispute the trade line with all three CRAs. When they are verified, they should all have exactly the same info. The info should match your records. If this is not the case, they have violated the FCRA. Your next step would be to write to the furnisher and ask them to fix it. If no appropriate response, take it to the AG and the BBB. Then lawsuit.

Of course, they just might need a little time to report the proper info the the CRAs.


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Do you know the specific law they are violating by chance? I am going to put it in my letter once the info on the other CRA comes back. I want to hit em hard with the first letter in hopes I can make a demand for the removal of the account. Doubt it will work, but its worth a try I suppose since I have nothing to lose now. :)

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