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Should I try to get OC off Experian


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Have an issue here, that maybe one of the more experienced here can help with. I have a listing on just my EX credit report, for an account 20 years ago. It popped up when I started doing credit repair, but I've had no contact from anyone about it. I looked into it originally because on MyFico it says date of last activity was July of 2006. There was no activity initiated by me at that time. I called the OC and they said they had no record of me or of the account number. I've disputed with EX online and it comes back verified, how I don't know; the OC doesn't know me. When I do the online dispute, this listing does not show had being negative, it shows as an account in good standing. Should I even push to have it removed, or do you think it is showing as a positive TL since 1987? It shows in the remarks as Transferred to another lender or claim purchased. The OC said they used our friends at A$$hat as a CA in the past. Before it was bumped, there was an INQ on TU for Tate & Kirlin, I belive it was dated 11/06, who through some research I discovered was another CA with ties to A$$hat. I was going to do a PP dispute, but the INQ was bumped before I could. Is it possible the activity was an attempt to reage the account? Since it is showing as an account in good standing with EX should I just leave it alone or is it best to try to get rid of it?



Condition: Closed (Transferred)


Type: Installment sales contract

Pay Status:

Past Due:

High Balance: $1185

Terms: 10 months



Opened: 03/1987

Reported: 07/03/2006

Responsibility: Individual

Late Payments (last 7 years):

30 Days Late: 0

60 Days Late: 0

90 Days Late: 0



[Experian] Transferred to another lender or claim purchased.


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