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Experian, sent package..this is what I get


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I sent a full package of EXACTLY what they require to "reinvestigate" items on my report. Also to investigate and dispute inquiries. I have fraud alert on my reports. i sent them a copy of the FCC"s report on dispute process, i sent them acopy front and back of my license, a copy of my most recent gas bill (utility) and a copy of my experian credit report. along with a letter from me that i beleive my identity may be or has comprimised. they refuse to investigate any of the negative itemson my report (how convienent) because they "already have". so, i sent them a letter with "new" information. this new information is name and dates of people i contacted at the creditors and their responses. that i do not exist in their records and that i'm to contact the credit companies.

well i sent it Cerified mail return receipt. it arrived today. but this is what i got. how frustrating!! now all my personal infomation with the words "attention fraud department at Experian" is floating around some shady USPS office in texas.

We attempted to deliver your item at 1:22 PM on September 21, 2007 in ALLEN, TX 75013 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

wow, they are good (the credit buerues) i need to tall to them about hiring them for better ways to ignore customers and not have to do any work and make money doing it. they are masters at ignoring consumers, or making it extremely difficult to do what they should be doing all along. MAKING SURE OUR REPORTS ARE ACCURATE AND CORRECT!!!

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