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Anyone ever have CrapOne not be able to validate?


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I had a cap one that first delinquency was Nov 2001 (30 days).

Account history WAS listed as:

Account History:

150 days as of Feb 2003

120 days as of Jan 2003

30 days as of Mar 2002, Dec 2001

I paid it off in full ($270) back in March of 2003 to CapOne. I have no idea if there was ever a CA involved. In March of 2007, I disputed as never late... they removed the lates and now it is in good standing. Go Figure. If they did keep 7 years of records or even 4, then they should have known that the lates were real.

With capone, I really think it comes down to if you owe them money or not and what stage of the game you paid. On here, I have seen them really stick it to people and I have seen them fold with a mere CRA dispute....

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