List of Credit Monitoring Sites for Inquiring Minds

Recommended Posts I believe may be the best credit monitoring site on the internet. This is the only service that you may update your 3 credit reports every 10 days, meaning 3 times per month. Just a thought for anyone looking for a service like this. The flip side to this service, it costs $29.95 per month.


Another site that I prefer is This only gets updated one time per month but it is only $16.95 per month, lots less than service listed above. It is your choice.


The most "accurate" service is but is VERY costly at $60 and it is only a one time deal but as I stated it is accurate and very easy to read and understand.


Thanks and hope this helps.



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I see that this is a dated thread, and I truly am not trying to resurrect or anything like that. it just seemed like it would be better to ask on this thread than start a new thread, get told to view this thread and so forth. As of 2021, is there ANY service that is similar to Credit Karma in that it shows your scores as they change, but not like Credit Karma in that it shows the actual FICO score, and not some vantage 3.0 or other stuff? I know asking for daily access and updates may be a stretch, but would settle for sure for the BEST monthly updated FICO scores.

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35 minutes ago, CreditInfoAdmin said:

If you want FICO scores, you generally need to go to FICO. They get pretty guarded about their proprietary scores. They offer a monthly service for a bit under $30. 

Well FICO would be the best to have, wouldn't it? It would be great I guess if they all used Credit Karma, but let's be real...that is a joke. Monthly is the best there is I would suppose when it comes to real world score reporting. $30 doesn't sound too much to be able to have a better estimate of my credit scores, though.

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