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My cc progress

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BofA Visa $1000 (I hate BofA they have awful service!) They gave me a 0% for one year rate I'm not sure what rate it is after that. I am hesitant to trust them to report on time payments. If there is ever a problem they are very hard to deal wtih. They have the best cash advance policy. It's a $10 free for direct deposit into your checking and no additional interest.

CITI (I have no idea what this is, no letter no card yet just a TL it may be a chevron card? I looked at the fine citibank print on a couple cards I applied for and I think they are bad. I'm hoping this is a gas card and not a major cc because it will be my 5th card.

Chase MC $500 They gave me the interest rate in the 20 something %

Sams Club Discover (GE) $2000 no card yet just a TL.

WalMart Store (GE) $500 no card yet just a TL

Target $200. My first card.

CU MC coming the mail with a $500 CL. This is the BEST card as far as interest. It is less than 11% and no annual fee and the interest does not change.

I had no idea I was approved for WM or Chase or Citi when I applied for Sam's, I would not have applied for all of them. I learned my lesson with fraud alerts apply and then wait a couple weeks do not keep applying for stuff because you might have been approved. :oops:

I go wayyyyy more rejections than cards. Citibank seems to only pull EQ if that helps anyone. :) Chase pulled EXP. Sam's Discover was after BofA was reporting so it looks like they tried to up them. The only one help my score was the first major card - BofA visa.


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