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I wanna cry

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I'm trying to bring another business into mine...and they did a credit and background check yesterday...

My scores sank since getting hooters card...down about 50 points, now all around 595...I'm worried they will say NO

I told the guy it was around 650, and he said that was fine...2 weeks ago...now I look like a liar...

maybe my real scores are better than my Fakos...

I just don't see why Hooters could have hurt that much...

total credit 3500.00 total owed less than 500.00

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It's out of your hands, so why waste time worrying about it? You're on the right path. Won't it be great when we can apply for stuff and not worry if our credit is good enough?...Heck, I know a few years ago I would have KILLED to get a Hooters card.


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