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Disputting AFNI...Got a question...???


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Hi everyone....:)

I disputed AFNI on /13/07.Yesterday I received a letter from them telling me that they received my dispute but they we are unable to investigate at this time because I didn't provided sufficient information.

They are asking me to provide a list of things.

CRA notify me this dispute as "unverify".

What I should do next?

Send a valadition letter to CA?

Or send them the info they are asking for?

Or wait?:confused:

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Don't send 'em a d**m thing!

Tell 'em if they think it's you, they should have all that already.

I sent them my name and address in my DV letter and all they did was send a statement to my address with the other person's name on it.

I just finished my online complaint on them via the FTC website.

Hey AFNI.... :<img src=:'>

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Did you dispute with EQ, EX, and TU as well? We sent a DV to AFNI at the end July and disputed with the 3 CRAs at the same time. They verified with the 3 CRAs right away and about 30 days after we DV'd them, AFNI sent us the same letter that you received.

I sent them a letter back stating that if they were able to verfiy with the CRA's (and I gave the dates they did and with whom), then they can either properly validate to me or delete within 15 days of receipt of the letter.

They deleted....and within the 15 days toboot! :D

This was all for my DH.

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