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How do you find Violations


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Hey guys. My question this time has to do with violations and how you can find them? Do you have to pull each report or will the All in 1's work?

For expample I (think) its a violation to have 2 CA's with the same account both reporting a balance. Is this right? For expample I have this...

Kay Jewelers (Just Transunion)

Condition: Derogatory

Balance: $492

Type: Charge account

Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff

Then (on all 3).....

Asset Accept


High Balance: 543

Date Opened: 12/29/2006

Date Reported: 09/06/2007

Balance: 557

Condition: 09/06/2007

Responsibility: Individual

Im kinda thinking the first one will probably be deleted or updated during the current dispute I have going with them. If they only updated it would I be able to contact them with the violation above and get them to delete? What kind of proff would I need?

Another thing. The CRA is supposed to mark the account as disputed and if they dont thats a violation, correct? Will the 3-1 report work for this. Some of my items are not marked as disputed, how long do they have to mark them?

THANKS all for your help!

Oh, and how the heck do I make a nice siggy for myself, Ive looked and looked and cant find where to do it. LOL

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