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Anyone else LOSE recent inq's on TU today??

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I can't believe my eyes. TC and now Chase cancelled my accounts due to excessive pulling, but my inq's on TU were already 0. Anyway, I had a peak score on TU FICO this month and figured I'd do some applying.

Anyway, Chase is letting us pull through today. So friday I applied for Juniper and hooters cards. Saturday I pulled my 3-in-1 and sure enough, 2 new inq's.

Afterwards, I applied for AMEX Blue (Denied due to Experian pull as well), BELK (waiting on answer), LOWE'S (Denied)... and I think that's it. So today I pull again expecting to see 5 inq's, but to my surprise... 0!

Even the two from yesterday are gone.

Is this an oversight? Is it possible a couple of my apps that are pending simply haven't pulled yet or any explanation that is going to break my heart????

Also, which of those that I applied for would show as First USA? I see them on my EQ as an inq. Thanks!

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I see CHASE is First USA I guess. I applied with them too and was told they would contact me with a decision within 30 days as required by law. Seemed like sort of an odd customer service statement that they'd only get back to me in a month because they legally have to.

Oh well, that was a gamble, was hoping they'd pull TU. They probably pulled both, but as I said, no Inq's on TU today.

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