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Order to Appear

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So it's been a while since I have hit up the forums. I have used my credit knowledge to fight off NCO successfully. However last year I had a judgment awarded against me from another debt collector.

I was out of state, didn't know it was happening, tried to vacate it - got shot up with "wasn't responsible enough to notify the court" yada yada. So for a long time not much happened until now - today I got served with an: ORDER TO APPEAR BEFORE COURT COMMISSIONER.

Basically I have to show "...to answer under oath questions concerning your property; and to abide and preform such further or other order as may be made by me [the court commissioner] in the premises..."

"IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Defendant(s) above named shall, at the time of hearing as above fixed, produce and have with him/her/them all records, papers, books or files in any manner relating to his/her/their property and financial affairs or transactions."

So basically I take it this is a pre-garnishment hearing. Possibly they will tell me I have to pay X amount each month to the creditor. I really don't know.

However I don't really own much of anything. I went broke and now live with my parents, my car is a 94' Dodge Intrepid with body damage [not worth much of anything], my cloths, my computer [not worth much of anything]. So I'm looking for some advice on what I need to bring.

I'd assume a bank statement for my checking account, maybe my car title. I don't know.

What else can I expect?

This is in Wisconsin. Thanks for your time guys.

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