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CR Errors Crazy!


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Ok-I have gotten all 3 CR's and some of the things don't match up..

1- on one account a mortgage 2 CRA's have paid satisfactorily and TU has unrated or bankruptcy, this was paid back in 2003. Should I dispute this, does it make a factor in my credit score?

2- I have a collections and they have been contacting me but I was going to DV them today but I don't know to who???? on my EQ report it is listed under Norwest Financial, account number #145-0852XXXX opened 12/04 date reported08/2007 dolp 07/2006 Charge off amount $0 Current status

120+Days Past due, Activity Description Transfer/Sold.... Now on my TU it has WFFinancial it has a different Account # 11227040852XXX most everything on it for this account is N/A except payment status C/O as bad debt Remarks are purchased by another lender.......... On my EX it has same account info that TU has except Remarks Transferred to another lender Payment status Past due 180 days??? Isn't this wrong? Any help on info to put in the DV letter would be awesome!

3- The above account is in collections on my CR on it has Zenith Acquisition Corpo Date Updated 04/2007 Past due $880 I have never heard or recieved anything from them but I have a guy calling me from Hosto, Buchan, Prater, & Lawrence, P.L.L.C keeps calling everyday. I am confused who do I contacted because I don't think by any means this is my debt. I don't know what my next step should be who! I think they are jerking me around!

I need some advice to get these people off my back they already said they would sue me! I would like to know if they are even bonded in my state of Texas to lawfully collect?

Thanks so much for reading and giving me any advice I can! Paula

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