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Got Geico platinum today WHOOO HOOOO

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Highest card I have 2400.00...I about fainted when I saw it...looks like the did a soft pull not a hard inquiry. This is my second card thru Merrick bank...the other one was Hooters with a 750.00 limit, so I could not believe it when this card arrived...

THANKS CIC repairing works and I'm so happy to have credit back again...

I will be good with this card even though it has rewards...the Interest rate is too high for me...20% and default rate is 26%

Should I do a BT from Orchard and close the secured card now?

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I've been tempted to apply for the card, I've had insuance through Geico for a couple of years, and I got the Hooters just last month. its one of things to wait for until after the first of the year. I get the too many new accounts comment when I pull my CR, one of things keeping my scores down now.

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