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TU blocked me 4 checking dispute status

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Well--I was checking the status of a few disputes on TU---and last week, I received a error message "your access is being blocked...."

I called them today and basically WTF?

TU: Sir have u been pulling new reports daily?...Me:NO cant u tell?

TU:Ah yes....why are checking dispute status daily?

Me:to keep up on the status of my dispute...dont u guys update the status daily?

TU: Ok I'll give u back access in one hour---just logout and log back in

PS...I tried to call EQ today...I was on hold for over an hour...gave up

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They did the SAME thing to me at TU. I got an email stating that my dispute status was available from my online dispute. I logged on to see the results. I entered the wrong password twice. They locked me out and now NO results are visible. I called TU, NINE (9) TIMES and NOONE could help me!!! I kept getting someone in India ( no offense to anyone of Indian decent) who kept giving me these stupid robotic answers!! EVERY single person told me to call another number, basically sending me in a circle. I gave up, I'm gonna send them current address verification and get it through the mail!!! Damn cheap labor!!!!

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