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IN Licensing-Is this correct? see bottom...

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Issuance of license by secretary of state; provisional license

Sec. 5. (a) The secretary of state shall investigate the qualifications of the applicant and if the applicant meets the qualifications of this chapter the secretary of state shall approve the application. If the application is approved the license shall be issued forthwith to the applicant. All licenses are valid for two (2) years and shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of the year following the year in which the license was issued. If the application for a license is denied, the application fees shall be retained by the secretary of state.

(B) The secretary of state shall issue a license to any person who holds and presents with the application a valid and subsisting license to operate a collection agency issued by another state or state agency if:

(1) the requirements for the securing of such license were, at the time of issuance, substantially the same or equal to the requirements imposed by this chapter;

(2) the state concerned extends reciprocity under similar circumstances to licensed collection agencies of this state; and

(3) the application is accompanied by the fees and financial bonding requirements as provided in this chapter.

© In the event of the death of an individual licensee, the dissolution of a licensee partnership by death or operation of law, or the termination of employment of the active manager if the licensee is a firm, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, upon a showing that the bonding requirements provided for in this chapter are complied with, the secretary of state shall issue, without a fee, a provisional license to the personal representative of the deceased, the personal representative's appointee, the surviving partner, the firm, the limited liability company, or the corporation, as the case may be, which shall be for the following purposes only and shall expire at the following times:

(1) A provisional license issued to a personal representative or a personal representative's appointee expires one (1) year from the date of the issuance and shall not be subject to renewal. The authority of the provisional license so issued shall be limited to such activities as may be necessary to terminate the business of the former licensee.

(2) All other provisional licenses expire three (3) months from the date of issuance unless the provisional licensee, within this period, can meet the requirements for a full license as provided in this chapter.

(d) A nonresident collection agency that has only incidental contact with a debtor is not required to be licensed under this chapter. As used in this subsection, "incidental contact" means contact on behalf of nonresident creditors using interstate communications, including telephone, mail service, or facsimile transmissions.

Read highlighted above...

From what I have read on the forums collectors in IN are supposed to be licensed and bonded, but what's above to me says that if they are not physically in IN, they do NOT have to be licensed or bonded. Am I reading this correctly??


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You could send the ca a C&D CMRRR to stop the letters and phone calls. This would work until the next ca came along.

I think I will...thanks!

Kind of confusing because according to the stickys it's required in Indiana, however, apparently not if they are a non-resident.

The attorney is not licensed here, so I know he can't do anything to me. Plus, his JDB client Midland, has been violating left and right, so I'm pretty sure they won't sue me. I just want them off the report and will use the leverage from violations to make that happen.


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