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Out Of Credit Card Debt...finally!


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I would like to thank ALL of you for your help and advice! This site has saved me a lot of money, stress, and heartache. On Sept. 20, 2006 I pulled my FICO scores and across the board they were poor; 500's. I was $10K in CC debt, and I knew I had to change my life at the age of 25. I got hooked on Young, Fabulous, and Broke by Suze Orman and I started to educate myself on finances.

A year later....

I'M OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT! It feels amazing to pay for things in cash again, to have money left over after my paycheck, and to stop living paycheck to paycheck!

So any of you out there that think success will never happen again....IT WILL b/c this guy felt the same way! :)

How I did it:

1. SACRIFICE! The parties, the trips to Austin, the vacations, the shopping spree's, etc. SACRIFICE! SACRIFICE! SAY NO! :)

2. SAVING - automatic transfers

3. ONLINE BILLPAY and SPREADSHEETS - knowing exactly how much money I would have after I paid my bills.

I wish you all luck on this journey..."YOU CAN DOOO IT!" - Waterboy :)


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I love being debt free...been that way for 10 years...just getting credit again and don't plan to use it much...I have a huge cash reserve here at home and plan to start a IRA...

How do you plan for your financial future? Savings is a start...having a plan gives you a goal...

Congrats on being DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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