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Please Help. Not Sure What To Do


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Approximately 6 months after DV'ing West Asset Management on a BoA debt I received photocopies of my bank statements from an address that does not belong to West Asset with no correspondence/letter indicating who the docs were from or what they were for. Obviously, knowing that I DV'd West Asset for a BoA debt its from them, but I sent a letter to the address the unmarked envelope came from asking who they are and why they sent me these docs. They haven't responded, and its coming up on 30 days since I've received these docs so I feel like I need to take action before they try reporting to the CBs.

The kicker is, the photocopied documents basically show that I had $545.69 charged off and my account closed. However, West Asset has been trying to collect $640 from me, which is not accounted for in these docs. What exactly should I say to them in my letter regarding this, because I know that is not proper validation.

Thanks for your help.

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