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Collection deleted but no score increase?!?


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It takes TC about 1-2 weeks to update the Fako scores. don't expect it to be immediate.

oh - good. I was worried that I'd done all that work for nothing. I have been sued three times - once by OC and twice by CA. I went to court and won on one of the CA's. Settled with OC (for less than half the balance) and then I caved and settled on last CA at court. I knew I was gonna win that day because they didn't have the proper validation (other lawyer admitted it) but he told my lawyer that even if I won that day they were gonna appeal to higher court where they would bring in someone from CA to testify that it was my account and that I would lose and have to pay whole amount, court costs, etc. etc. My own lawyer advised me to settle (yeah, may have been a dumb move) but I did. We drew up the settlement papers, the judge dismissed the case and I paid them back in February. The thing is, they were still reporting it as "open" and with a balance as of Aug on all 3 CRA's.

I disputed with the CRA's (sent them documents to prove it had been settled and paid) and at the same time, sent dispute with documents to CA. The CRA's "investigated" and it came back as VERIFIED at all three CRA's (that I still owed it)! I turned around and sent this to the attention of some high level people at all three CRA's yesterday. TU came back immediately and said they would delete - and did. Experian called me and gave me some bull about needing to check back with CA, etc. etc. I haven't heard from Equifax.

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