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I've been off from work because I had some minor surgery on my hand (That short term disability has really paid off). So, I thought "Great, I can clean the house and do some minor repairs it should be a great week." Then for some reason I thought "Hey I'll go down to the dojo and dislocate a rib." Yep, that's what I did. Most freaking painful thing ever. 5 freaking hours in the ER, then back to the docs on Monday to get the rib manipulated back into place (Holy f%#k did that hurt!). Anyhow, I've been pretty much sitting around watching TV and floating around on the boards. I'm completely high because of the heavy narcotics, so ya'all can ignore an advice I've given in the past couple of days...

I went on an application spree a few months ago, so I've been waiting for my scores to creep up a bit. But somehow in my state of happiness I applied for some other stuff.

This is what happened today:

1) A few days ago CapOne sent me a pre-approved offer for 0% balance transfer for 12 months. I thought WTHeck and applied. They approved and gave me a $15K limit!

2) I've had three Orchard Bank cards for years (all with $300 limits), Orchard said they would consolidate the cards to one. However, every time I fill out the forms, they never get back to me. They sent me the form three times. I filled it out. When I call, I get someone in India that has no idea about anything. I logged onto my Orchard account today, and was shocked to see I have $8622.00 in available credit! The gave me a $9K limit on one card and consolidated whatever I owe them. They didn't close the other two cards tho.

3) I had a hospital bill that fell through the cracks. It was only $60 that the insurance didn't cover. I however, never paid it (my bad) and it went to a local collection agency. As soon as I got the initial dunning letter, I called the hospital and paid the bill. They sent me a nice thank you note and told me they would recall the debt from the CA. CA never responds to my DV, reports to the CRAs. Then they called me. I of course, mostly made fun of them. The woman who called me had really bad grammar and I kept correcting her. It was funny. I really annoyed her. My favorite was "Do you have me on speaker phone?!" "Yes." "You need to take me off speaker phone!" "No, I won't be able to record the call if I do that." They passed me around to three different collectors, whom I abused. They told me they were gonna' call me every day and keep reporting to the CRAs and take me to court. It was funny. So I waited a while and took a few more phone calls from them. Then I sent them and ITS letter along with a complaint written on their local courts official forms...indicating that I was gonna' sue for $8K (the max in small claims)...so in mail today comes a hand written apology from the president of the collection company, a check for $300 and a promise to remove the info from the CRAs.

I was a good day! I'm coming of my high now. I gotta' go throw up. blah.


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