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What should I do?


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Hello everyone

I sent a GW letter to my previous morgage company who reported me 30 days late once in 2006. They replied saying the 30 day late was an accurate report. I sent a second letter to the CEO of the company and I noticed today that the 30 days was deleted from EXP but not from TU or EQ. Does it take a while for TU and EQ to update or should I assume the morgage company only deleted the 30 days from EXP only??

If anyone is curious, the first GW letter I sent to the company was a basic letter asking for cosideration that I was only late once in 2 years...2nd letter I sent was to CEO and I stressed in the letter that his company was offering to refinance home again at a good rate BUT could be much better if their 30 day late was removed from all 3 credit agenciesxdancex

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