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Identity Theft & Bank of America


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I had an unknown person use my name and open up an account at BOA in August 2005. I do not nor have I ever had an acct with BOA. I found out about this is January of 2006. I filled out my identity theft affidavit form, sent that information certified mail along with a copy of my DL and SS card to BOA, since the person used an altered version of my own and some odd drivers license number. I was told by the Rep at BOA that it was resolved, nothing further needed to be done on my part. Recently, I went to open up a checking account with a completely different bank and was declined due to information on my ChexSystems report. I requested copy and BOA is the reporting agency. They reported me even using the bogus identifiers. How can that happen? And, now I re-mailed by paperwork back to BOA and ChexSystems, as well as I involved the OCC. Now I am getting the run around. How can they put this back on my reports? And, they didn't even report it until January 30th 2006. Isn't there a reporting statue?

Help, this is disrupting my life, what next? What more can I do besides file legal action? :confused::confused::confused:

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