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I got my Orchard Card!

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I opened my mailbox yesterday and lo and behold - my shiny new card!:) No one will ever see it except the gas pump - which will be soooo nice! I have been going in to pay for my gas for 2 years!

As excited as I was, I still had to deal with the irritating Customer Service Reps who are trying to upsell.

So, I call to activate it and the guy on the other end wants me to sign up for their "protection plan" if you ever get sick, can't make your payments...etc.

I politely say: "No thank you, I am not interested"

He says: "May I ask why?"

I say: "Because it's only a $200 limit - I can pay it off"

He says: "But-"

I say: "No thank you. Click."

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I have my OB card since 12/06 and I get 2% cash back on all purchases. I think I got conned into getting the protection plan but after the first time they billed me I cancelled it. I had bought contacts ($145 bux) on the 20th just to get the 2% cash back and planned to pay it before the last day of the month and I did. But they charged me the protection plan fee of $0.89 per $100 because that was the amount on the end of my billing cycle on the 23rd. I argued with them that the charge wasn't even on the account for 30 days. She said it didn't matter...so I cancelled for that reasoning. I could see if the charge is on your card for more than 30 days...but not for less than ten days!!!

My billing cycle ends on the 23rd each month, but they don't report that balance, they report the balance on your card at the end of the month...at least with my account. So find out before you use the card. After only six months of having the card they increased it from $300 to $500. My theory is that they increased it because I had a credit on my account at the end of the six months because I never used the 2% cash back rewards I just kept letting them acrue...it was about $45 bux I think.

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