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EQ/CSC Purposely Changed Address To Fake One


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My former address was 1234 Any Road Apt 123 First City, TX 12345 I recently changed it to a PO Box 5678 Second City, TX 67890 and sent letters out to all of my creditors. According to my report none of my creditors have reported recently but some how my address changed this Saturday and now reports current address as ...

1234 PO Box 5678 Road Apt 123

Second City, TX 67890

It's like they conbined the two addresses. I now no longer have a former address at all, its just the current address that is fake.

Last Thursday they put my former address as my current address so I call them and they said since my former address was already on file, they would change it...the next day I pull and it's correct.

So Monday I call CSC and ask them to change it, I'm told they will submit a change and process it. As of yesterday it's still not reporting correctly I call this morning and get Nicole who tells me it will take 30 days. I told her I've recently had problems and don't understand why this time it takes 30 days. I ask to speak to Donna White (consumer affairs who I spoke with last week) and she said Donna was in a meeting but took my number and would call me back.

I just dont understand how the address could change on Saturday when no creditor updated on Saturday. And why don't the CRA's put the exactly date the creditor updated instead of just the month/year.

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