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OC sent Acct. to CA after 2 missed payments


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The OC (Sears/Citicard) has sent my acct. to a CA after only two missed payments this summer. The first I was aware was when CA called me Mon., stating they had sent a dunning letter that was 'returned to sender'; I never saw or recieved such a letter. Do I send DV letter? If they call back and say I can't pay, do I mention I sent them a DV ltr.? And if they say they will send the acct. back to the OC?

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Not sure what you expect, here....are you going to pay Sears? If you've only missed a payment, call Sears and tell them "whoops...sorry...where do I send the check".

If you're unable to pay Sears, you will hear from the CA again. When they call, ask for the address that they sent the letter to...if its yours, get their address and send them a DV...if its not yours, tell them you're not the person they're looking for, and hang up. (In general, the only reason to talk to a CA is to get the address of where to send the DV...not other good can come from talking with them).

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Sears did the same thing to me almost 2 years ago! I had even called their credit dept to work out a payment plan because we were going through very hard times & needed just a little breathing room to catch up & they told me to call back within a week. Well, within that week they sold the acct to a JDB & refused to deal with me at all. I have heard that Sears does this because the company itself is doing horribly. I must say, after my experience, most of my friends & family no longer shop there (lousy store anyway)

The JDB has tried six ways to Sunday (through its many spawn) to scare me into paying them. Every time I ask for validation, I get nothing. Sears sells to the scummiest of scumbags so don't even bother answering the phone & don't be intimidated. Just keep DVing.

Sears is one of the worst, IMHO, & what you're going through seems to be their standard MO. Can't wait until they go out of business!

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What does the rest of your CR look like?

When you first start to miss payments, the OC starts doing reviews on your CR to

see if you are behind on the other payments.....

if so, they

drop it to the CA fast so they are first in line for any available cash.

There thinking is ( especially in todays economy of the credit crunch)

better to be the first CA rather than the last.

I know from experience with my Citi account that it's best to make

some kind of token payment immediately, (yes to the CA), ( if you can't pay the balance)

because it stops any further charges being added on the account.

If you don't make that token payment Citi continues to add all kinds of charges every month ...and it adds up really fast.


Your account hasn't been charged off ... YET ... Citi still owns the account and the first line collectors do not report to the CRA's.... Your best bet is to

handle this now before it gets out of control.

If you think that this is going to go away because you ignore it or because you submit a DV, you are mistaken, it will disappear for a little while and the whole time the balance will just keep growing and growing,

leaving Citi no choice but to eventually

charge off the account and sell it to a CA that does report the CRA's ...

and you will have a much bigger mess to deal with later.

Nip this in the bud now... seriously.......... before it becomes a monster.

Lesson here...

you don't get better credit by ignoring your creditors or CA's!

Good Luck



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