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Old debt - CA debt settlement?


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Hi folks, newbie here.

GReat forum, btw!

I searched around dozens of of threads but couldn't find anything to really answer my qeustion, tried a I did.

A little about me: army vet, married, lives in TX

THE BASICS: Had a car repo'd; went into judgment; CA has debt; I want to settle.


(1997) Missed 2 car payments, car was repo'd. Went into military few months later.

(1998-2006) Shipped off. Served in Europe.

(2004) Checked credit report for first time in my life. Saw a judgment for repo'd car. (Judgment dated Nov. 1999 - Ohio) Judgment in amount for $5,500 + interest 9%.

(2006) I'm back in states (Texas) Checked credit report again. Judgment now in CA. CA wants $11,000. Per this website, wrote a DV letter. CA replied with all docs, including copies of judgment and my original loan agreement. (wow, I didn't even have a copy of that!)

(Present) Have not contacted CA again yet. I don't have anywhere near $5,500, let alone $11,000. Am I staring down a bankruptcity? I'd like to settle but not sure if possible.

any help would be awesome.

Army vet.

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