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TU inq's remain, LVNV gone from EQ, Afni correction...etc

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I got a lot of threads and gripes floating around in different threads. Been kicked off TC and CIP, and just setup an account at privacymatters.

Finally pulling a report after days of denial has GOT to be like heroin after a few days without!

So after calling in to verify all the fraud alert crap, it was a big pull day.

Those TU inq's I thought were gone for good are back :evil:

LVNV, both dupe TL's have disappeared from my EQ today!!!! :lol::IThankYou:

AFNI has fixed the 120 day late status :D but is still reporting :roll:

Barclays started reporting today (no card yet) and my EX FAKO jumped 100 points :p

My EQ Fako jumped 55 points and EQ FICO jumped 30 points which officially accomplishes the goal of my first thread ever, which was to get to 650 by August for school loan purposes. Well it didn't happen in time but it worked out another way anyway. 656 is where it sits.

My EQ Scorepower is suddenly saying there is a "consumer finance" company reporting which is hurting my score. Only new thing is Barclay's??? Anyone know what's up with that?? :shock:

Called Hooters for an update on my application. Them: We don't know who the heck you are. ::BigGun::

No word on US Airways either. :<img src=:'>

All in all, there's been a HECK of a lot of progress since april, and I've jumped 100 FICO points on all 3. Thanks again so far for all the tremendous help!


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