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DE judgement laws


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i found this website


but is has this

© Default judgments. For the reasons in subsections (B) (1), (2), and (3) in this Rule, a motion to vacate a default judgment shall be made: (A) in debt, trespass and replevin actions, not more than 15 days after judgment was given by default or not more than 30 days, if service was made by certified mail; (B) in summary possession actions, not more than 10 days after entry of the default judgment. For all other reasons, the motion shall be made in a reasonable time.

So after 30 days i have 0 chance to vacate my judgement?

but in rule 60.b (2)

(2) newly discovered evidence which by due diligence could not have been discovered at the time of the trial;

Would me saying i didnt find this judgement until i pull my credit report about a year later be reason enough to go past 30 days?

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Is anybody from the tristate area or NJ familar with the DE judgement laws. I am looking to file a MOV but i want to be sure i have a valid reason to file for my MOV and i need help. I have read the law but its all confusing to me.

MOV = method of verification, but I'm guessing you mean, a Motion to Vacate?

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