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Red Light Camera Ticket Gives Inaccurate Reading


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So the company I work for has a ton of white Chevrolet trucks that we are allowed to drive to and from work to our home. Each employee is issued a truck with an internal company truck number. Which in turn is cross referenced by our VIN and License Plate Number. So today I get a call our from our President’s secretary. She says who drives truck number 123456? I said Bob. Well Bob ran a red light in Frisco, TX on XX day and XX time and now owes $100. She faxes me a copy of the ticket, the three pictures the red light camera took and the letter from an attorney’s office wanting to collect this $100 debt. Apparently she did not even look at the pictures, just that it had our license plate number typed in on the ticket.

So I call Bob and ask him what the hell are you doing in Frisco, TX in a company truck? We do not live anywhere near Frisco, TX (six hours away) and we do not ever travel there for work. Bob says where in the hell is Frisco, TX? I had to google it to find out. I said north of Dallas, TX. He said I’ve never been to Dallas, TX in my company truck. I said well stop driving, get out and real me your License Plate Number. He stops, gets out and reads exactly the License Plate Number on the ticket. I said well apparently you did, because there is a ticket issued to our company for your truck running a red light in Frisco, TX. I really think Bob is lying at this point. Well I look at the fax more and it’s hard to read because the pictures are blurred, basically it just was a big black blob in all three pictures. So I tell him to go to our corporate office, get the copies that the secretary has and look at the pictures.

Well he does that and come to find out the truck that was in the pictures was black Chevrolet truck and had a trailer hitch ball obstructing part of the license plate. The truck in the picture did not even look like the same year model as Bob’s truck. There were some other differences like tailgate features, badging, etc. So our office takes pictures of Bob’s truck and points out the differences and is going to mail them back to the attorney’s office trying to collect the debt. Our office said they would handle it from there. (I'm kinda bummed they won't let me call up the Frisco Police Department!)

I just find it funny that on the ticket is says …

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Texas that the foregoing is true and correct.

(Frisco Police Officer signed the ticket.)

Apparently the Frisco Police Officer just guessed at the last two digits of the plate number until he fould a chevy truck matching the first four in the state database.

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