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Last Year I couldn't even get a library card!

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the boards! Last year I couldn't even get a library card, but thanks to all of you, this is what's in my wallet:

Amex Gold

Amex Blue: $8,000


Discover More:$2,000


CITI Platinum Select:$7,600

You guys rock....And for those of you still in the repair journey, don't give up or get down on your progress. I'm a perfect example of how these boards and a little hard work will pay off in the end.... God Bless!!!

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Congratulations!!! I am right there with you.

I haven't made quite the progress that you have however when I started on these boards a couple of months ago my only card was a sub prime visa with a $200 limit.

Four months later my $200 limit has been increased to $500. I have an Orchard MC $400 CL which I also used to build. In the last month I have applied and been approved for a Visa from my CU with a 2K limit, a WAMU MC 2K limit and a Target & Banana Republic card. I think I am done applying for now, although I do have my eye on a Macy's card.

It is easy to get discouraged, I was turned down for New York & Co (Lerner) card about 2months ago. ( Utilization too high!) Imagine that with my previous $400 limits. But if you stick with it and are diligent you will come out on the other side and with a ton of useful information learned on these boards.

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I have to agree, I had nothing but charge offs and collections in April of this year. I read and worked and read some more, and through persistence, now have a Rewards660, a Hooters, and a 15,000 auto loan. It took me 6 months of applying with Hooters to get that card, but it finally paid off and it's all because of this site! Thanks from me too!:D

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