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I haven't forgot you alllllll!


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A while back I needed to go to CIC anonymous...

I am in recovery, and feel strong enough that I can resist the urge to get pulled back in to the force....:roll:

All is well now, however....

After many blissfull, happy years,(16) the gods decided it was time for a shake up in my marriage...

I am happy to report that we have overcome the drama!!! Counseling, communication, re-commitment ceremony, kicking some a$$ and we are back to us.::heartpumping::

Have a part time job in a doctors office in the mornings....

Kids going every which way....a couple of wonderful vacations over the summer (with kids, without :NudgeNudge:)

Having my surgery this Thursday....me not shy! I will put before and after pix of the girls up in about 6 weeks::Chasey:: (no, not nekkid ones:roll:)

whats up here? Gimme the gossip, scoop, happenings of the playas!!!

(i have soooo missed the smilies!!)

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PS.. buy straws.. trust me on that one! :)

already done! :lol:

I know I pm'd you a long time ago to ask your advice, but things got crazy around here.. sorry!

So, check in this morning, home tomorrow afternoon, sleep on my back:evil: pain for god knows how long, no work for 2 weeks, very sexy :roll: support bra for 6 weeks...

sound about right?:)

i thought she was getting downsized?? :???:

yup. Master just wishes it was an upgrade (which is how I look at it!):lol:

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