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I just have a quick question on this. First off Im a little scared of doing this, but Im going to try it out. Just want to let you all know what Im doing so that I do this right.

Ok first I got a report from all three credit bureaus. I looked over each and made 3 lists of the collections from each bureau. Then I wrote 3 letters for each bureau disputing the collections.

Question? What type of reason would you give to dispute a collection? This is not mine, no knowledge of this account?

Ok so now I have 3 letters that I mail off to each of the credit bureaus. All letters would be different only referencing the collections from that credit bureau.

So now I write a DV letter and send it to each of the collections that I disputed.

Am I following this right? If I am it seems the best approach is to do one credit bureau at a time and mail DV letters out.

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Using the sample letters are not a good idea.

Do a little bit of researching and you'll find a bunch of ones you can use.

How about this:

Dear Collector -

In accordance with any and all applicable Federal laws, I am requesting validation of this alleged debt. Do not call me, please only communicate with me at the address referneced in this letter.

Sincerely and Respectfully -

Smart consumer

there. 30 seconds and done! :p

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