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I entered a contest


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heres the link to the contest and my entry


This is what I wrote...I could use some input

I hope I win...that would be so helpful

I feel out of control in my business because it’s disorganized. I own a Computer repair business in a small town. I believed in my dream and started this business almost 2 years ago. I wanted to have a shop where customers are not afraid of their computers and where they can be treated like I want to be treated. Most people here in town are not computer literate. I spend a lot of time with my customers so they understand their repair, charges and their computers. I like being able to offer personal service, as I try to know all my customers names and computer information. Often when I’m greeted on the street people say things like “My computers fine….like it’s their child…for some people it’s their only friend.

So for too long I have worked around piles of boxes, donated computers and a huge uninventoried inventory. I have made service a priority and try to fix most computers in 24 hours. Many of my customers are elderly and their computer is an important means of communications for them. So organizing my estimated 10,000 parts has been put on the back burner too many times. I realize I could work more efficiently in my shop if I could find things when I need them. I do not have any technical help in the shop. Some of it is budget; some of it is lack of qualified personnel.

I need a functional office and workshop I can feel comfortable and productive in. I need my customers in a database, not in piles in the drawer. I need an organized inventory so I have everything I need in stock. We worked so hard on what the customer experiences, that I have done little for myself. We turned an old unsightly building into a new functional and fun business. The shop is our family’s hub. It’s our gathering place for fun

The shop is an unexpected surprise for a small town. We have several services we offer. We have an EBay consignment store and sell things for our customers as well as the shop. We are the area’s only pack and ship store. We sell Computers and accessories as well as parts and service. We rent video games and have an internet and Video game café. I fix all types of electronics and love what I do. I have learned it does not always have to be about money.

I have a great plan and outlook, I lack organization. I never knew it was so hard to run a business. I knew the shop was what I wanted, and I run it with my heart more than my head. I try not to charge more than a person can afford. I feely give advice so someone can fix things themselves. I give free estimates and I often give free computers to the needy and disabled. I hold lessons so my customers can educate themselves and be more productive at work and home.

The contest had a 500 word limit and I used 500 exactly...anyone wanna see pictures of my shop?

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