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Help with AFNI please


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Hey everyone

I am still having a heck of a time with AFNI on 4 accounts they have me on. All 4 I believe to be out of SOL or close to out of SOL.

3 accounts stating an OC of Cingular and 1 with OC from Alltel,

I have 1-2 punched they try stall tactics. They have verified with all CRA's two times

no report shows dispute

I have filed complaint with BBB and FTC

I filled out the paperwork and got my complaint ready for the AG and will be mailing it out tomorrow

I have been speaking to an Amy Acree, via email, She is the one from AFNI that is in corporate office working on their side of the BBB complaint.

She states that the alltel account has been validated since she sent me a old alltel billing statement (I never remember having this phone number either)

And they are awaiting cingular to send them information on the other accounts.

I am nearing the 60 day mark of when I started this. I have sent two CMRRR DV's (both are untimely but not to untimely since i sent in august and they appeared on my credit report in may, but I have never recieved anything in the mail from them....honest)

What is my next course of action. I need some help

as allways all help is GREATLY appreciated

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I'm not sure how or why but they have deleted from all 3 CRAs within the last two weeks. When I originally DVd them they sent a letter requesting additional info. from me in order for them to "investigate". I was going to mail a second DV letter asking exactly how they were able to verify w/ the CRAs if they needed info. from me. Well before I was able to mail it, they disappeared. Keep disputing and DV and perhaps they'll disappear for you as well.

Good luck

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