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My old gym has sent me to a CO even tho I owe them nothing!


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DO NOT USE that letter!

Use something like this:

Dear Collector -

In accordance with your letter dated ________, This letter is to inform you that the alleged amount I owe you is in dispute and i am requesting validation of alleged debt, which is afforded to me by Federal Law.

In addition, all calls to my telephone are recorded. Please communicate to me only through the mail at the address noted in this letter.

sincerely and respecfully -

Incormed consumer

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You could always mention something like:

The creditor you are collecting for has already been paid by me, and I will assume further efforts at collection of this alleged debt is tantamount to harassment, and I will respond accordingly.

At the same time - i would definintely go down to the gym or send them a letter or something and get it straightened out!

But always DV within the 30 day time frame afforded to you by Federal law! it preserves your rights.

basically, do what Hiblues said.

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Quote from the site:


IPS reports every one of your accounts to all three major credit bureaus every month - Experian, Equifax and Transunion. For people who care about credit, almost nothing is more motivational than keeping your bill off of their credit history - we use the power of that impending listing preemptively to it’s fullest extent.

Sounds like perfect reason to DV. Do it now!

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For a gym collection, I wouldn't even bother contacting the CA at all (I'm in the minority on this one though, I'm sure).

Just write a letter explaining the cancellation, details of it, blah blah, to a specific person at the gym. Mention that you got a letter from a CA but you can't understand why since you cancelled. They'll take care of it for you.

What gym is it? (Please say Bally's, please say Bally's.....) xpopcornx

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