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same debt reported twice


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I have an old alleged debt w/ Sprint that I don't believe I really owe. The debt was sent to a collection agency and now both Sprint and the collection agency are reporting the same debt on my credit report. The credit agency has a more recent date as the last payment by about a year even though I have NEVER made any payments or agreed to make any payments to either company. Is this legal?

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I had an account listed twice on my TU report. I disputed the account that was an obvious duplicate online and it was deleted in 2 days.

In your case, I would dispute with the CRA via mail then send a DV to the Collection agency.

This will start a paper trial in case the collection agency starts to take action near the SOL

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On the first TL


Condidtion: Derogatory


Type: Utility Company

Past Due:$0

High Balance:$0

TU says that the account is Collection/Chargeoff

EQ says that the assount is Late 120 Days

On the Second TL


EQ is the only one reported it and it says that the account is Late 120 Days but I don't owe any money.. I don't get it? so what should I do about them


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FYI, the original creditor (OC), Sprint, and a collection agency (CA) collecting on their behalf can both legally report to the credit reporing agencies (CRAs).

Thanks. It seems unfair that I would be penalized twice for the same offense, but then again this entire system is unfair :-(

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