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Ox Publishing ...anyone have experience with them?

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Does it work? It sounds reasonable, there is a catch, but even it seems reasonable if it will boost your FICO.

I mean, christmas coming and could buy prezzies there with the min purchases you have to make to get the card and have it activated.

Still, just wondering if any of you have had experiences with this and what it did for your score?

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why not? the obvious reason one would pay for these ox tradelines is for a score boost,, and not for any "e-books"..:?

the owner of the site was once a mortgage broker, he obviously wanted to pick up where the "authorized user" stops working.

with ox the tradeline is your own.

anyway, i will be trying them out soon, and i will post my experience as well as any score boost.


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The effect is no different than crown jewelers, and for significantly lower prices *even as high priced as they are*, plus you could get gifts that people would like and have some sort of usefulness.

Ox is WAY overpriced, it may as well be secured. I have 1000's of PDF's on my harddrive that cost nothing.

I'm sorry, but the gimmick is just too transparent for me to endorse or reward. At minimum they'd be difficult to trust given the business plan, and forget any recourse.

They've been around, We've been around, No one's done it.

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ahh, e books?!

I should have known. I thought maybe I could get *real* books for people on my shopping list, etc.

I went with Crown, but like you said, I used the tangible gifts for people.

Thanks for everyone's input, and bd50, I would still be interested in what happens after you have them, thanks!

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