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I got a Chap. 7 BK deleted before 6mos fall off


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I was so suprised today because Transunion deleted my public records of a chapter 7 that was due to fall off April 2008xdancex. I keep disputing it. Now if I can just get Ex and Eq to do the same:evil:

19 deletions since 08/2007

Eq 12 deletions:)

tu 5 deletions:cool:

Ex 2 deletions :(

I will never give up even if it takes a year for me to get my credit where I want it to be.

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It was my 2nd dispute to Transunion. This is what I said below:

Louisiana Federal Court Docket #######

Account was discharged 03/1998. It will be 10 years in less than a year. Please delete this for me now.

It was so easy for them to delete. I a having such a hard time with the other 2 cr. I want it deleted this year, not next year.

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