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So I got a "Debt Verification" Letter


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From a CA ..

that said :lol:

I blah blah , a legal agent for , blah blah , verify that you owe $blah , the fees occured on blah, blah 20blah blah

I know that isnt legal verification is it?


I dont think that is legal, I think they have too show you something with your name and all that on it. Someone correct me if I am wrong because I would like to know as well what "proper" validation is. Thanks

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i believe it has to contain something with the creditor's original signature on the company's letterhead.

No. The FDCPA requires the CA to provide you the name and address of the original creditor. There is an FTC opinion letter that says the CA must verify with the OC the details of the debt.

The only time and place when the CA is required to "prove" anything is in court and then only when the defendant is conducting discovery and only to the degree that the judge allows/requires.

You can download and read the FDCPA at www.ftc.gov. I encourage you to do so. It is not at all difficult to read or understand.

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