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Thanks so much CIC


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Well it's only been 4 months and I can't believe what I've been able to achieve.

I started my credit repair in May and my fico scores were all in the low 500's. After reading lots of information on this site my scores have now risen to TU 697, EXP 741 and EQ 751. I removed the last collection on my EQ CR last week and my score jumped from 677 to 751 I couldn't believe it. I still have 3 CO's showing on my other two CR's and I'll work on them. This is what I have managed to get approved for so far:-

Hooters - $1100

Chase Freedom - $3500

Patelco - $2500

Citi Financial (Ashley Furniture) - $6500

Citi (Home Depot) - $7500

I decided to try and buy a new car. I applied to Cap 1 online and was approved for a 9.45% interest rate over 72 months, not the greatest rate but I couldn't really complain.

I knew I wanted a Mazda CX-9 so went off to the dealership with my blank check in hand. I fell in love with the Grand Touring and haggled quite a good deal. When I told the dealership I had finance in hand they were all over me. They offered to try to beat my current deal on the finance and I let them try although I didn't tell them what the interest rate was.

I managed to get 6.95% over 60 months with Velocity Credit Union and boy was I happy, couldn't believe it.

Anyway that's my story so far and I'd like to thank CIC and everyone who contributes on this forum. You have all been so much help and I couldn't have achieved what I have done so far if it wasn't for you guys.

Credit repair takes time and I feel I have achieved a lot in such a short space of time. My CR's looked horrendous 4 months ago and now I already have one completely clear report.

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Thanks guys for all your congrats.

Nice car Pointman. Mine is black.

I managed to remove all my collections by disputing them as "creditor agreed to delete". Stupid me paid them last year when I needed to get a mortgage and before I found this wonderful site. One of the collections took a couple of disputes (Cavalry for a $300 Sprint cell phone bill). TU and EXP deleted first time but those lovely people at CSC decided to make me work.

I disputed the DOFD date second time around and low and behold it disappeared. So now my EQ (CSC) CR is completely free of baddies and my FICO score jumped 74 points with the deletion of that last collection.

You guys can do the same just keep at it and good luck to everyone in their quest for good credit. It will happen.

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