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I'm having so much trouble with Hosto & Buchan Attorneys. The cases they keep sending me have been thrown out of court. They continue to try to sue but this time they never notified me but told me over the phone that some credit card company that I have absolutely no idea who they are are suing me. I've never heard of them and they haven't sent me any notification in the mail. After I told her I have no idea what she's talking about said you were served. I told her still I don't know what your talking about. Well then I'm telling you now. I've not been served any type of papers and she said I don't have to be served. The judge keeps throwing out all the courts cases on this law firm. They need to be stopped. I thought that if an attorney has his name on any form of letterhead that when they notify you you have to right to talk to them and the collection agency does not let you talk to them.

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