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How do I respond to Calvary???


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I have been working to try and remove some inaccuracies from DH's CR. I have not sent a DV to Calvary...yet but I did dispute it on his CR. The account is from a couple of years ago when DH lived in Texas and never rec'vd dunning letter from Calvary because of the move I suppose.

But today I receive a letter from Calvary saying I notified them about possible identity theft and that as of the date of this correspondence (although they failed to date their correspondence) they have not received the necessary documentation that they previously requested from me to support my claim.

They never requested anything....this is the first correspondence I have ever seen from them. But now they are saying if I dont contact them in the next 7 days they will treat my claim as frivolous and collection activity will resume on the account.

Should I send them a letter saying A: I never notified them of anything and B: I never received a request for documentation from them.

Or do I just send a DV??

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