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Midland Update...are they crazy?


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So last month me and DH get dunning letter from JA Cambece (scum) and we send DV. When we find out the JDB is Midland, we also DV them. Two weeks later we get a computerized print out of old transactions from Cambece, no response from Midland.

Yesterday, lo and behold we both get dunned by Midland!! After they have already received our first DV. They are telling us to "SAY YES!" to get this debt paid off and if we do we will get a FREE Letter releasing us from this debt!! I am so excited...I can't believe they would be so wonderful as to do that!!:lol:

So, what would you gurus do next? Would you still wait for the 30 days from the original DV to them to be up, or should we send a letter informing them that we have not received validation that they own the debt?

What's your take?


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I was being sarcastic...sorry, maybe it didn't come across that way, lol

No, I ain't paying them a cent because the whole account was disputed with the OC before they bought it, so I don't owe them because I didn't owe Aspire. (long story) I was making fun of their "great" offer for that free letter.

Anyway, they reported on our CR AFTER we dv'd them but now they have disappeared from TU, but still on the other two.

They never dunned us in the beginning, they had Cambece work it, so we DV'd both and now they dunned us themselves. Haven't heard another word from Cambece.

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So yesterday I get a letter from Midland, stating they rec'd my dispute letter and are ceasing all collections until they verify.

This letter is dated SAME DAY of the dunning letter! They even reference my letter of 9/17 and sent the collection letter 9/27. What's dumA's.

So, I have them on re-aging, reporting after receiving dispute as not disputed and continuing collections after receiving dispute.

Not only that, they apparently bought my DH's old verizon account that disappeared off the report, AFTER we disputed that with the CRAS. I'm about ready to unload on them on their violations.

So the saga continues...

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